“Abiogenesis” was created and produced by David Delbridge at The Resort recording studio in Incline Village, Nevada, USA.

The following instruments were used:  1976 Les Paul Custom guitar, 2012 Fender Jazz Bass, Moog Voyager synthesizer, Studio Electronics CODE 8 synthesizer, Yamaha C7 acoustic grand piano, Rhodes Mk I Stage 88 electric piano, parlour piano.

“Abiogenesis” is the second act in a two-part story, begun with David’s debut single, “Heat Death.”  Wherein Act I presents the end of the universe, “Abiogenesis,” introduces a melody that is cautiously hopeful.  And occasionally, disappointed.  We are searching for something.  Let’s go exploring….

Tracking for “Abiogenesis” was performed at 24-bit resolution with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz.  Mixing and mastering employed 64-bit floating point processing with no intermediate downsampling/dithering.  The project was produced from start to finish in 5.1 surround sound.  It was determined that the center and low-frequency effects (LFE) channels offered no benefit to the listening experience and were ultimately discarded in favor of a more reliable 4.0 (quad) surround layout that will translate better to a larger number of listening environments.

The stereo mix of “Abiogenesis” was produced in parallel with the surround mix, a workflow that permits ideal mixes in both formats.

All mixes of “Abiogenesis” employ high dynamic range, preserving the dynamics of the original performances.  Bus compression was employed in the mastering phase, but only to “glue” the mix together in a manner determined to be sonically pleasant.  By contrast, and breaking from popular music production tradition, compression was not used to produce loud or “competitive” mixes.  Consequently, listeners may find “Abiogenesis” to be somewhat quieter than other tracks when compared on music listening services.  This is normal and quite common among classical music recordings.  Turn it up.

All artwork and related promotional materials for “Abiogenesis” were produced by David Delbridge, with the following exceptions:

The photograph, “Mud Volcanism Volcanic Hot New Zealand Bubbleby Simon is licensed from Pixabay.

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“Abiogenesis” is an instrumental.

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One-stop licensing is available from David Delbridge at Resort Records.  “Abiogenesis” was produced by 100% non-union labor (i.e., recorded ex-US).  Please contact David here:


Need it yesterday?  Surround and stereo versions of the master mix and stems (e.g., drums, bass, guitars) are available for immediate download in common file formats.  Other formats can typically be produced in about an hour.

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