Recording Studio? Check.

After three labor-intensive years, I'm happy to report that my new recording studio is officially done. Done, I tell you! And it's a thing of beauty: High-definition audio @ 24-bits / 192 kHz, surround sound, professional-grade acoustics and rack space galore (for all the synthesizers on my bucket list). My wife is even happier (with or without the synths). The power tools are back where they belong and two and a half rooms in our home are habitable again.

Is This Thing On?

Happy April Fool's Day, me droogies. And welcome to my brand new, disgustingly eponymous website. No, it's not an elaborate Wordpress-machined joke. Nor is it a coincidence that I've chosen this day for launching it. No, I'm doing something unquestionably foolish with my life and have chosen to celebrate it out loud: As of this moment, I am a professional musician.