Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone.  And welcome to my brand new, disgustingly eponymous website.  No, it’s not an elaborate WordPress-machined joke.  Nor is it a coincidence that I’ve chosen this day for launching it.  No, I’m doing something unquestionably foolish with my life and have chosen to celebrate it out loud:  As of this moment, I am a professional musician.

That’s right.  After twenty-some years of mostly-responsible behavior, I’m staging a reboot – walking away from a useful, productive – listen to your parents, kids – career in information technology to pursue a classic teenage dream.  You know the one – it starts with a humble song, hitches a ride to Hollywood, and ends in bloodshed.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  It’s about the journey.

And I look forward to sharing that journey with you here.  Expect lots of noise, from demo clips to high-def 5.1 masters.  Expect regular field trips to my studio, if only to prove, once and for all, that everything sounds better through a vocoder.  Expect to witness the ups and downs of life as a struggling music entrepreneur.  It could get ugly.

Take cover.

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