Last year, I produced a clean, respectful TR-909 drum solo to celebrate 909 Day. Well, this time around, I’m going crackers. After all, I’m an industrial musician, so it’s time to dirty things up a bit.

So, here’s a nice TR-808 drum solo to celebrate 808 Day. Yeah, it’s distorted beyond recognition – that’s a good thing – but I promise you, it’s all authentic TR-808 goodness, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. And no MSG. No sampling or other offline sound design techniques. No other instruments were employed. Just 100% pure TR-808 drum patterns played back in real-time through a buttload of studio processors – distortion, delay, modulation, bit-crushers, etc. I know. “Insanity!”

Aficionados will still recognize the distinctive TR-808 snare and unmistakable “cowbell.” It’s one of the most unusual percussive sounds ever created and still makes me giggle like a deranged schoolgirl, so I pulled back the processing just enough to maintain its fingerprint.

Coincidentally, this is the year we lost Ikutaro Kakehashi, the inventor of Roland’s TR-808. [Perhaps he read my haiku.] I hope he would enjoy this.

Anyways, here it is. Have fun!



By the way, this is a stereo downmix. The track was produced in 5.1 surround and really should be heard this way. It’s what Jesus would listen to. You’re a fool not to contact me for an HD Surround copy. No charge.

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