Practical Couture: The Songwriting Notebook

Next week, I'm heading to London for seven days of songwriting tourism. Okay, that's not a real thing, but it should be. Any tunesmith will tell you, nothing obliterates writer's block like travel - the more exotic, the better. In preparation, I crafted a new songwriting notebook - one that supports my unique workflow. And matches my outfit. Because nothing screams "punk rock" like a couture songwriting notebook. And, more importantly, because nothing screams "suicide risk" like a dog-eared Trapper Keeper in the armpit of a 50-year-old "songwriter." Pick your poison. I choose rock. "Double-goat horns, baby!"

Happy 808 Day

Last year, I produced a clean, respectful TR-909 drum solo to celebrate 909 Day. Well, this time around, we're going crackers. I'm an industrial musician and it's time we got filthy.

The Speed of Sound

Today, I began an entirely new sort of audio recording project, narrating course notes from a road race into what you might call a "virtual rally navigator" audio program. To explain, imagine a traditional audio tour through the Louvre, but in a Lamborghini Diablo, at 110 MPH. "Hairpin left at 'La belle jardinière' in 3, 2, 1...." Buckle up, buttercup.

How Much Is That Bass In the Window?

I really need to stop buying instruments and start playing them. Last week, I came across an orphaned 2012 Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass in a (pop-up) window and thought it inhumane not to give her a good home. So, let's call it an act of charity. I'm selfless that way.

Happy #909Day

This year, I'm celebrating 909 Day with a quick little drum solo. No bass. No guitar. No vox. Just pure, glorious Roland TR-909 goodness, with a touch of environmental darkness and overdrive. But not too much. After all, we want to honor the venerable 909 without distorting it beyond recognition.

Movin’ on Up: HD Acoustic Drums

This week, I continued my mission to fill the holes in my "high-definition" audio palette, aiming my sights squarely on acoustic drums, or rather, high-resolution digitally-sampled acoustic drums. I know. "Whatever."

Bangin’ On Them HD Electronic Drums All Day

This week, I started thinking about the instruments I'll need to realize the music playing in my head. [Help me.] It's complicated by the fact that high-resolution audio is my new medium of choice. It means going all analog or, at a minimum, being very selective with digital instruments and sample libraries. First up: electronic drums....

Scratch-Building the Audio Workstation of Penultimate Doom

This week, I've been burning in a new computer for the recording studio. For the record, this is probably my sixth scratch-built audio workstation since the mid-80s, though the first few couldn't really handle audio - they merely provided MIDI sequencing while synced to outboard multi-track tape recorders. And outboard mixing consoles. And outboard effects devices.

Caught on Camera – My Recording Studio Build

Last week, I revealed my new recording studio, along with a candid pic of my crotch. You're welcome. As promised, I'm still compiling a few hundred-thousand images from the construction site into a time lapse video - stay tuned. In the meantime - I know you're anxious - here's a quick photo album.