Last week, I revealed my new recording studio, along with a candid pic of my crotch.  You’re welcome.  As promised, I’m still compiling a few hundred-thousand images from the construction site into a time lapse video – stay tuned.  In the meantime – I know you’re anxious – here’s a quick photo album.

If you’ve followed my progress on any of the social networks – particularly, my Pinterest boards – some of these will look familiar, but I tossed in some new snaps to keep things fresh and to fill in some holes the timeline.  There’s captions if you hover or click through, but even if you just watch the slideshow, it tells the story pretty well.  Pop some corn and enjoy.

I don’t want to bore anyone by getting too technical with all of this – this is supposed to be a music website, after all – but, if you have any questions about the design or construction of my studio, I’m happy to share.  Drop me a note in the comment area below and I’ll get right back to you.